I’m sure I’ll upset a few law firm branding consultants with this comment, but, when the question gets asked, “Do corporate counsel hire the lawyer or the law firm,” I just want to scream: “It’s the lawyer, stupid!” I actually listen to general counsel when they speak at conferences and over the past 13 years

I have an iPhone. I really like my iPhone. I actually LOVE my iPhone, but the service sucks. I have too many dropped calls. I have a dead zone just as I’m pulling into my garage. I can use my phone in the living room, but not in the master bedroom. I’ve been with

I’m speaking at the Legal Marketing Association-Bay Area Chapter’s 12th Annual Technology Program on a panel, Beyond Print: Moving Marketing Communications into the Audio and Video Realms.

I’m reviewing my notes, and here’s what I want to convey in theme — I’ll write about tactics later:

When law was practiced in a set geographic

I saw a question posed recently on a closed network asking why it’s so difficult to get lawyers to purchase a specific service product. The specifics of the situation aside, I did start thinking, “why is it so hard to sell a product to lawyers.” Short answer: “Because they are lawyers.” First of all, lawyers,