I  started the Legal Marketers Extraordinaire Group (LME) on Facebook on April 11, 2011, as a safe place where I could ask a stupid question, which I should have known the answer to, but didn’t want to share in a public forum. I invited some friends to join me. I invited them to invite their legal marketing friends and colleagues. We now have more than 500 members.

The group is open to all legal marketers, but is secret on Facebook. You just need an invite.

But be warned. I run a tight ship. Break the rules and you are out forever. Period.

In return, we have great conversations, and it’s a safe place where opinions can be shared, and relationships can develop.

For more information on the Legal Marketers Extraordinaire Group (LME) on Facebook, please leave a message below, or send me a message through the LWC Facebook.