I’m speaking at the Legal Marketing Association-Bay Area Chapter’s 12th Annual Technology Program on a panel, Beyond Print: Moving Marketing Communications into the Audio and Video Realms.

I’m reviewing my notes, and here’s what I want to convey in theme — I’ll write about tactics later:

When law was practiced in a set geographic vicinity, local press and media, communications, networking also took place locally/regionally. A printed newsletter was fine as a “touch point” since you would most likely see your client/referral source at a social or business networking functions, or have easy access and availability to take them to lunch.

No more.

Now that the ability to practice law is without borders, so too must our communications.

However, the goal must be to first identify, and them closer into our personal realms, these potential clients, referral sources, and influencers.

This can be done through other on-line means, such as e-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But, to truly solidify the relationships, and build that ever necessary “know, like and trust,” you will have to transition those on-line relationships via face-time.

If you are interested in following the conference via Twitter, it can be found at #lmatech or #lma (you don’t have to be a Twitter subscriber to follow the conversation).