I have an iPhone. I really like my iPhone. I actually LOVE my iPhone, but the service sucks. I have too many dropped calls. I have a dead zone just as I’m pulling into my garage. I can use my phone in the living room, but not in the master bedroom. I’ve been with

If you haven’t heard, a 5.4 earthquake struck Southern California today just before noon. If you were in the area, you probably tried to call out on your cell or landline and I’m guessing you also experienced congestion. In a disaster, immediate communication with loved ones is a top priority. Today’s quake rendered two-way speech

I’ve said before that I’m a 2.0 kinda gal. Let some tech geek with no life be the guinea pig and work the kinks out of whatever new product. I can wait.

Should have waited for the 3.0 iPhone.

I have to admit that since I was FINALLY activated on Saturday, in an experience