Remember when we were going to party like it’s 1999? Well, the technology around me might as well have stopped evolving as Prince took the stage that New Year’s Eve.

I’m sitting on a Southwest flight, typing this into Word, because there is no WiFi/Internet access. People, Jet Blue put WiFi on their flights way back in 2007. I know you’ve announced that WiFi is on its way … but where is it already? It’s worse than waiting around for the iPad to launch. Catch up with the program. (I must say, however, I really, really appreciate the free bag check. Considering mine was filled with Girl Scout cookies, and the skycab didn’t charge me for going over by 11 lbs, I really shouldn’t complain … except I’m writing this in Word and not directly into WordPress).

I’m headed to the Legal Marketing Association’s annual conference where I will be presenting, as well as live tweeting sessions for the next couple days. There’s no universal Internet access in the conference rooms. That’s just unacceptable in this day and age. Yes, I know it’s not the hotel’s fault, that the conference organizers have to turn it on, and that it costs $$ for WiFi access, but come on … give those of us who live, work, breath and blog in 2010 an opportunity to get online! Instead, I was forced to run out to Best Buy and purchased a refillable WiFi card for $130 and spent $30 for a week’s worth of Internet access. Completely unnecessary, but a work around, nonetheless.

And, then there’s my iPhone. Damn I love that bugger. The phone reception sucks. The battery life is a joke. But, Apple, you had me with the Apps. I can check-in online via Southwest, check my Wells Fargo account (no, my tax refund still hasn’t posted), update my DVR via Dish Network, approve blog comments via WordPress, all the while keeping my kids entertained with DoodleJump. Thank Goodness for Brookstone’s iPhone battery extender. Best $50 I ever spent in an airport.

But, come on, people … why do I have to work around your technology failures? It’s not as if I’m asking for too much. Where’s the technology love??