Steve Jobs died yesterday. I never met the man, but his impact on my life, and yours, has been monumental. Steve Jobs changed the world, like Thomas Edison. While Edison illuminated the world with electricity invented by someone else, Jobs connected it with the Internet created by someone else. The iPhone is one of those revolutionary, world shifting inventions. Without its clones and Droids, social media and social networking would never have taken off the way it has. The iPhone has literally allowed us to walk away from our desks with a computer in our hands. If it wasn’t for the iPhone, I don’t think Facebook would be the success it is today. I don’t know about you, but I’m not my most “social” at work or at home in front of my desktop computer (which is not a Mac) … it’s when I’m at a baseball game, or concert, or at Disneyland with my kids. It’s when I’m at a conference tweeting and sharing along with fellow attendees with that special hashtag. I look at who I am today, and I find myself to be a more open, honest and authentic person. I have blurred the lines of who I am at work, home and socially. That shy little girl who always lived inside of me is gone. I have comfort and ease in who I am because I allowed that person to grow and shine through. And, yeah, I credit a lot of that to social media … and Steve Jobs. So, Steve Jobs, may you rest in peace. May your family find comfort in that your achievements have brought this world closer together. You have enabled us to connect, and now hyper-connect. The world will never be the same because your dad, your husband, your son, your friend walked this earth. Thank you, #stevejobs. I don’t know who created this photo, but it’s been circulating on Facebook.