I’ve said before that I’m a 2.0 kinda gal. Let some tech geek with no life be the guinea pig and work the kinks out of whatever new product. I can wait.

Should have waited for the 3.0 iPhone.

I have to admit that since I was FINALLY activated on Saturday, in an experience brought to you by the folks at AT&T who didn’t upload my NEW SIM card number into the system, I’ve been having fun (this was after waiting in line on Friday, only to be told the system was crashed and I would have to activate my phone at home later that afternoon, but couldn’t get it done until Saturday morning). All my e-mail accounts are there. Love the Internet capabilities. Traffic reports. I miss having my Outlook Tasks sync, but I can figure that one out.

Checked my e-mail this morning on my fully-charged phone; and it’s just another day in paradise. Took a shower and came back to a dead phone and this lovely picture:

After 3 calls to Apple and a very nice chat with Chad in Texas, it appears that I have one of those bad batteries my husband has been e-mailing me about.

And while statistics are based on over all populations, not individuals, I can tell you that my experience with my iPhone has sucked 100% (except when it’s working and I love it).

This afternoon I get to hang out at the Apple Store in Century City hoping someone is a no show for their scheduled appointment so I can get a replacement phone/new battery. Oh, joy. And it’s only day 6 (day 5 if you discount the day my phone didn’t work at all because of the SIM card fiasco).

So glad I’m not an attorney at a big firm who has been issued an iPhone in lieu of a pink slip. I can see it now: Sitting in the lobby of opposing counsel’s office wondering where everyone is for the big depo. Tapping on my newly charged iPhone not really knowing what that black & red warning light means. Hell, I just charged the damn phone so my battery really can’t be dead. Missing the e-mail from the senior partner that the depo location has changed. Pissing off the client, leading the firm to be fired and my ass thrown out on the street. All because of a bad battery.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, and I know I’m just venting my frustrations right now. But before law firms roll out iPhones to their attorneys, they’d better make sure the kinks are out of the system first. No use losing your IT credibility over a battery.