Survey-BannerFor the past few years I have been heavily involved in LMA’s Technology Committee, first as the board liaison, and for the past two years as the co-chair. My term comes to an end at the end of this year and I would like to end this round of service (because you know there will be more) by hearing from my fellow in-house legal marketers. You do not need to be an LMA member to take the survey. The Technology Committee is committed to preparing two reports based on your experiences in order to help our peers across the legal marketing industry. This isn’t about reviewing a product or vendor, but about our experience as we roll out a new marketing technology product, or how we’re starting to make sense of all that data that our firms are capturing.
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An idealized me on the run.
It happened again, yesterday, in an elevator. I’m tap, tap, tapping away on my iPhone and someone, feeling very sorry for me says, “Wow. Don’t you ever get a break from that thing?” To which I’ll either laugh and ignore, but if we have enough

While I know everyone wants to talk about Wall Street bailouts and law firm layoffs, I’m still recovering from massive jet lag and need to keep it simple. For me, it always comes back to client service.

I was traveling back east for the past week on business. Starved on Sunday, I entered the hotel

After reading Heather’s great post, I decided I should respond since I have an interesting perspective. You see, I have worked on the inside of law firms buying software as well as on the outside selling software to them. There is a consistent theme I have seen at hundreds of law firms where I have