For those who attended the Legal Marketing Association‘s annual conference in Orlando last week, it was an incredible few days of education, networking and camaraderie. Perhaps it was the location, or maybe there is truly a sense of “recovery” from the recession, but the mood was light, up beat, ENERGETIC. Many of us took to our Twitter accounts to document our experiences. You can still read those here. And then there were the LMA Bloggers. Here’s a quick recap of our posts to date.

Heather Morse, The Legal Watercooler

The Legal WatercoolerHeather Morse

Jonathan Fitzgarrald - Bad for the Brand

Bad for the Brand, Jonathan Fitzgarrald

Laura Gutierrez - Duets Blog

Duets Blog, Laura Gutierrez

The Hubbard Perspective, Hubbard One

Larry Bodine - LawMarketing Blog

LawMarketing Blog, Larry Bodine

Cheryl Bame - Legal PR Advice

Legal PR Advice, Cheryl Bame

Tom Matte - The Matte Pad

The Matte Pad, Tom Matte

Nancy Myrland - Myrland Marketing

Myrland Marketing, Nancy Myrland

Russell Lawson - Progressive Marketing Blog

Progressive Marketing Blog, Russell Lawson

Kevin O

Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Kevin O’Keefe

Lindsay Griffiths - Zen and the Art of Legal Networking

Zen & The Art of Legal Networks, Lindsay Griffiths

  • I want you to know that I have fixed the formatting on this post sooooooo many times, and WordPress keeps deleting my line breaks. Urgh.

  • Thanks for the lineup of blog posts Heather. I need to catch up and read those I’ve missed.

    Also, I know what you mean about WP being buggy. I can’t count how many times I wrote and formatted by last post with numbered lists, bullets, subbullets, then it would all turn to code in the visual mode, causing me to have to send the entire post to trash. Luckily, I had copied the information and was able to recreate it and start formatting all over again!

    Anyhow, thanks for this compilation.