Aristotle Yes, Virginia, there is an Internet snark out there who judged me in a passive-aggressive Facebook post. Not to worry. I’ve been judged on Twitter, in a blog post (or three), and God only knows where else as well. I can take it. As I am prone to say, if you don’t have haters, you’re not doing it right. Of course, upon discovery of the post, my first reaction is to want to protect and defend myself, but I have been well trained in leadership and I took a step back to self-reflect. I asked myself a few questions:
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Farewell Joan, from this "Joan Ranger"
Farewell Joan, from this “Joan Ranger”

I was so sad yesterday at the passing of Joan Rivers. I remember listening to her comedy albums (yeah, I’m that old) in high school and laughing at jokes that I could relate to — “slide down please” — because they were directed at me, a girl.

I’ve written before about the worst advice I ever got — “Do a good job, Heather, and they will notice you” — which resulted in me being overlooked for a promotion. Needless to say, this lead me to becoming very proactive marketing me in my career.

I read this essay by Ms. Rivers today, Joan Rivers: Why Johnny Carson “Never Ever Spoke to Me Again,” and I got it:
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Lawyers are incredible cautious and risk adverse. When it comes to blogging, Tweeting, sharing of information, there is still a large camp put there that is more concerned about their competition running across their information than they are about their current and potential clients doing so.
Your website and blog provide you with an

Hey everyone. Sorry for the silence for the past couple days. It’s been a wee bit busy at my firm, and I am working on a proposal, getting ready to launch the first blog, with two and three to follow. We have lots of events coming up, and seminar or two. I’m speaking on an