Lawyers are incredibly cautious and risk adverse. When it comes to blogging, Tweeting, sharing of information, there is still a large camp out there that is more concerned about their competition running across their information than they are about their current and potential clients doing so.
Your website and blog provide you with an opportunity to showcase your work product, to tell your story, to “spin” your message to your advantage. Why not take this opportunity to not only educate your current and potential clients, but allow your referral sources, influencers and press learn what an incredible attorney you are, and what successes you have achieved?
Rather than say you have tried 52 cases to a verdict, why not list the cases with a hyperlink to the final ruling providing a quick description of the case beyond the name, rank and citations?
If you are an “expert” in class action defense, which you can’t say due to bar association rules, why not highlight that experience by commenting on recent cases (and not necessarily your own), legal issues, legislation and trends affecting your clients’ industries, business concerns, and the court room in general?
And, when you’re called upon as a leader in your field of practice to speak at or chair a conference, make certain that you not only include those speaking engagements, but hyperlink to the conference and conference materials. Same thing goes when you’re quoted in a press article, or participate on an Internet radio program.
Yes, I know that there is a “risk” that your “competition” might run across those materials, articles, etc, but that also means that your “potential new client,” “reporter” or “influencer” might also do so.