The current economic conditions have been extremely detrimental to millions of people, and have lead to the shuttering of hundreds of businesses across the country. The legal industry has not been spared.

Yet, for those who are risk-takers, or perhaps, to paraphrase the Outliers, in the right place at the right time with the right skills, the current economic conditions are about opportunities.

In his column today, Jeffrey Gitomer opines that now is NOT the time to ask “Is my job safe.” It is, however, the time to change our perspective and to take control of our careers and our paths:

The word is not recession – the word is opportunity. You and I are at the crossroads of that opportunity. The only question is who will take advantage of it?

Now is not the time to worry, or wait. Now is the time to self-evaluate. Take stock. Do an inventory. Total your assets. And come to grips with who you are, and who you want to be. Then take action.

His post includes questions to help you take inventory of your career. By answering the questions you can see where you are at, where you are going, and where you really want to be.

These questions transcend, “Is my job safe?” And let me give you a clue Sparky, nothing is safe.

People who took a job at a bank to be “safe” are now on the street. One hundred thousand of them. All rules of the game are off. It’s like Manhattan in a snowstorm; anything goes, and every man is for himself.

The answers to the “take inventory” questions will give you the most realistic picture of yourself you have ever had. They will also clarify where you have the potential to go. Or should I say grow.

Now that your assets are defined and you present situation is clear, write down what you (really) want to do or become – and assess the path you’re on now. Are the paths aligned? Are you on the right road?

Taking inventory of your career aligns perfectly with my take on Marketing Me.”

As I have written about extensively, the importance of “Marketing Me” on a daily basis is not about feeding our egos, but a means to enhance our personal brands, to provide us with control over our careers, and to lead us towards a more fulfilling path.