Taking time each day to market “you” might seem like a waste of time to a lot of people. Others might judge it as being egotistical, narcissistic or self-absorbed.

“Do a good job, and you’ll get noticed,” they’ll say. I reject that concept.

I can tell countless stories of those who have done a good

When it comes to social networking and social media, there is a smorgasbord of tools you can choose from. I’ve been playing around with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and, for what my needs are, I have found a formula that works for me. It’s a combination of LinkedIn

For many of us, there are not enough hours in the day to get the job done, balance our family obligations, keep in touch with old friends and hit the gym. The idea of marketing oneself, in addition to a stable of attorneys, is daunting and often times it is “us” who will take a

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and there seems to be no slowing down of the layoffs. Dechert, Wolf and Drinker are the latest firms to join the ranks.

We can debate from now until the markets recover the callousness of law firm layoffs just days before Christmas, but really, what’s a firm to

We often think of first impressions beginning with a handshake and continuing through the end of the first meeting. But first impressions begin well before then. Two Seconds, according to some studies. You have two seconds or less to make an impression. So, what type of impression do you make? Is that the impression

“Marketing Me” is an important topic for those of us whose professions are built on professional services. I’ve blogged a bit about it here and here, with the main ideas being that we are responsible for our own careers.
Well, we’re also responsible for our own reputations. Chris Brogan, in his new e-book, Personal