A week ago I wrote about my New Year’s Resolution. I wrote about my plan.

Well, people, the first week is over. What did you accomplish?

Did you make a short list of your 2009 goals? If so, did you move the plan forward at all?

Did you make a list of your key 2008 clients, and call them to say “thanks” for giving you business last year?

Did you call and thank those who wrote you personal notes in their holiday cards?

Did you make those phone calls that you swore you’d make when you returned to the office?

Have you identified conferences you would like to attend this year? Any great topics that you’d like to write/present on?

Did you take a few moments and update your bio, making certain that you have added your recent articles and speaking engagements from 2008? Is the work you’re doing today, for the clients you want, reflected in your bio? Did you update your representative matters list?
Come on people, get moving. The week isn’t over yet. You’ve got time to get your marketing on! Even for those of you on the East Coast, there are a few hours left in the day!

Don’t let this first week drift by without taking control of your job and your career. No one else is going to do it for you.

Me, I signed the paperwork for our first blog on Tuesday and have already had the “creative brief” call with LexBlog. I’ve been asked to speak on a panel for the ABANet on social networking. I got approval for our second blog yesterday, and I’m going to meet with a partner about a third one right now.

I’m planning three client events/seminars for the Spring, and have a lunch scheduled for today to map out our client interviews for the first quarter.

And I actually bought the birthday card for my dad and am sending it out today.