While getting ready for school and work this morning, my 7-year old asked me what I did at work. She knows my office is up really high in the tallest building west of the Mississippi. She knows that I have a really cool white board that she likes to draw on. She knows I work

I know that branding + law firms has always been a tough sell. But branding + consumer products is BIG business. Corporations, retailers, clothing manufacturers, restaurant chains, food & beverage manufacturers, sports franchises will spend billions of dollars developing and defending their brands … and they spend a lot of that money hiring lawyers to

It’s that most wonderful time of the year. Everyone is torn between on-line shopping and working. And, for the lawyers out there, they have to get those final hours billed. They have to get those year-end bills out to the clients, and turn them around before December 31st.

On top of it all, they’re all

Do you remember the 1988 fantasy-comedy film “Big” about a boy who makes a wish “to be big”? After being humiliated while trying to impress an older teenage girl at a carnival, Josh Baskin goes to a wish/fortune-telling machine (called Zoltar Speaks) and wishes that he were “big.” The next morning, he sees