When bad service happens to good marketers, we get into action. We blog and micro-blog about it. We make phone calls. We don’t stand idly by and accept it as the cost of doing business or living life in a big city.

When I receive bad service, I report it … and then share it

While I know everyone wants to talk about Wall Street bailouts and law firm layoffs, I’m still recovering from massive jet lag and need to keep it simple. For me, it always comes back to client service.

I was traveling back east for the past week on business. Starved on Sunday, I entered the hotel

Recently I participated in a twebinar on the subject of “Listening” where “Two ears and one mouth,” a shortened Epictetus quote was recycled throughout the sound bites and tweets. The entire quote is ““We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” It got me

I’ve had a couple incidents over the past few weeks that really got me thinking about client service, how we approach people, how we sell ourselves and our services.

First impressions count.
What I learned from the Facebook/high school incident is how first impressions, even 25 years later, count. The photo on my