Kudos to Jonathan Fitzgarrald and the Legal Marketing Association-Los Angeles Chapter for putting on a great program: Marketing the Law Firm From the Perspective of a Retailer, featuring Barry Feinberg (a former big-law lawyer himself). In my opinion, these are the best programs and provide the most value to me. While it’s great to

I’m speaking on a webinar next month with Ed Poll and Kevin O’Keefe. I’ll have more details on that once everything is finalized. The topic of social networking and advertising came up, and it got me thinking. Social media isn’t advertising, per se, but it is migrating into an umbrella term for everything we

Back in 1977, Bates v. Arizona paved the way for legal marketing as a concept, industry and career for many of us.

The concept of free speech, while a cornerstone of our society, seems to be lost on the law. It has been tossed aside again and again because, for some reason, lawyers and the