Back in 1977, Bates v. Arizona paved the way for legal marketing as a concept, industry and career for many of us.

The concept of free speech, while a cornerstone of our society, seems to be lost on the law. It has been tossed aside again and again because, for some reason, lawyers and the law are “different” than plumbers, electricians, auto-mechanics and others who sell services that we “unsophisticated” consumers purchase.

And now the latest law suit in defense of free speech has been filed. AVVO, love them or hate them, might break down another wall. Their Web site allows for client testimonials, which are banned by the Florida Bar Association.

According to The National Law Journal, “Public Citizen’s suit argues that the Florida Bar Association’s rules violate attorneys’ free speech by holding them accountable for client posts on Web sites that the attorneys don’t control.”

It will be interesting to see where the law suit goes. I, for one, am rooting for free speech!