I love a good legal drama/dramedy. It’s like summer-time reading for me. Mindless. Entertaining. Unrealistic to a point. But, come on, I’m not watching them to be challenged and to think, but to be entertained.

LA Law
And when these shows are good, they are great (Law & Order

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve got “end-of-year” fever. It’s similar to summer fever, vacation fever, and all the other fevers out there. My thoughts are elsewhere, and not really focused on marketing and business development. But wait … there’s still a whole month left before we ring in the New Year (okay, three weeks until

Kevin O’Keefe asked a great question today on his blog:  Does a lawyer need to blog to make effective use of social media?

Is it prudent for a lawyer or law firm rely on third parties to maintain and protect their brand? A brand as a professional service provider that labels you as a trusted

I was watching Akeelah and the Bee with my daughter last weekend when Laurence Fishbourne’s Dr. Larabee challenged Akeelah’s grammar when she used the word “dissing” (only words found in the dictionary were acceptable during their lessons). To paraphrase the scene, Akeelah rushes over to the dictionary, looks up the word “diss,” reads the definition,