Hey everyone, I finally took the 5 minutes to switch The Legal Watercooler over to a custom domain. We can now be found at www.legalwatercoolerblog.com.

Why the wait?? First of all, I assumed it would take longer to do than it did. Literally 5 minutes. Big bad on my part, but I started this blog as an experiment to learn about blogging, and I guess I learned a good lesson. I never really expected the success I have achieved with The Legal Watercooler. I started it for fun and for free, never imagining that I was building my own personal brand. So a personalized domain was never at the top of my list … once again, my bad, and lesson learned.

Why this domain?? Because someone snagged my domain while I snoozed. May I repeat … my bad. I had purchased, via a proxy, www.legalwatercooler dot com a year plus ago. I knew I’d convert over, but I had some other more pressing matters to take care of first. My ownership expired last month and a consultant to the legal industry bought it..

Oh, well, guess I learned a good lesson there … leave the cannoli, buy the domain.

Heather Morse-Milligan

Update: I deleted a paragraph where I was, well, snide, to say the least, towards the purchaser of the domain. That was, to quote myself, “my bad,” and I do apologize.