Kudos to Jonathan Fitzgarrald and the Legal Marketing Association-Los Angeles Chapter for putting on a great program: Marketing the Law Firm From the Perspective of a Retailer, featuring Barry Feinberg (a former big-law lawyer himself). In my opinion, these are the best programs and provide the most value to me. While it’s great to

I left Big (trying to be Mega-) law several years ago for a much smaller (75 attorneys) boutique. I’ve never been happier.

Personally, I find the Big Law model to be broken. Year after year, I would see rates go up, and partners hit a wall with what their clients would pay. Good partners, with

This year I had a choice: To LMA or not??

For the first time since 1998, I am not on an LMA Committee, local board, or the International Board of Directors. My program (which was AWESOME, by the way) was rejected by the conference committee, so I was flexible on whether to attend the LMA