This year I had a choice: To LMA or not??

For the first time since 1998, I am not on an LMA Committee, local board, or the International Board of Directors. My program (which was AWESOME, by the way) was rejected by the conference committee, so I was flexible on whether to attend the LMA national conference or another program this year.

I chose to attend LMA’s annual conference because I found their program to be far superior than any other conference I had seen.

And I have not been disappointed.

While the economy has affected the attendance, and maybe they had to economize on the Gala tonight, the speakers and programming have remained intact, top notch, and relevant to today’s technology, economy and business trends.

Between the Scenario Planning session yesterday, and the Matalin/Carville keynote address today, I have received my firm’s money’s worth.

Like many LMA members, I am Tweeting live, you can follow me @heathermilligan, or to get a full conference report, #LMA.

I’ll get some posts up as soon as I can, but really, I have not wanted to miss a moment of the sessions, the networking, and the exhibit hall.

Kudos to our conference committee, especially John Hellerman, for whom I have a newfound affinity and Doug Hoover, who takes my feedback with the sincerity in which it is given, for pulling together what I believe to be our best conference to date (and I’m saying that privately as well).