Gonna make this one short and quick. I enjoy a GOOD e-card, and I think they are fine coming from the FIRM. But, if an attorney can’t take the time to sit down and personally write out a card to his or her top clients, those who paid the mortgage, car payments, orthodontist bills, vacations,

It’s that time of year. Should we send a traditional holiday card? Or an electronic card? What type of gift should we give? Should we do a donation to our favorites charity and let our clients know we did it for “them”? From all accounts, clients hire lawyers, not law firms. Yeah, I know the

For the past few years there has been a debate in legal marketing circles in regards to e-holiday cards. I’m holding on strong to the opinion that, with few exceptions, they should be avoided at all costs. Very few firms will get it right, leading most recipients to immediately hit the delete button.

The trouble