Gonna make this one short and quick. I enjoy a GOOD e-card, and I think they are fine coming from the FIRM. But, if an attorney can’t take the time to sit down and personally write out a card to his or her top clients, those who paid the mortgage, car payments, orthodontist bills, vacations, college education, Botox, etc, what does that say about the RELATIONSHIP? And, isn’t that what we legal marketers are always preaching to our attorneys … it’s the RELATIONSHIP that we’re trying to develop? I was listening to a radio program on this and they hit the nail on the head why e-cards never sat well with me. E-cards are viewed as lazy by the recipient. E-cards scream out that the person took no time or effort. Yes, the FIRM (really, the marketing department) took time and effort in creating the GOOD e-cards (don’t even get me started on the BAD ones), but the ATTORNEY did not. His client list was pulled from the firm’s CRM. Most likely, the attorney doesn’t even know who received the card. So, I would say, send the e-card, but send a personal card and note as well. Wishing all of you a happy & healthy 2011!