Monday morning and I have 30 emails (after deleting all the spam). Pretty standard.

Interestingly, there are some great legal business conferences and seminars being advertised by ARK, ACI, etc. that I would love to attend, or send some of my partners. Unfortunately, they are ALL in New York or Chicago.

What is it about the West Coast? We get NO love. Or very little love from the conference organizers.

I know that our naturally grown AmLaw 100 firms have all pretty much relocated their operations to New York in hopes of re-branding as a “national” or “global” firm, but there are still a lot of lawyers and law firms operating successfully from San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Portland, Seattle, not to forget our suburbs as well.

Might I suggest dipping a toe or ten in our waters? Host an event or two and build a following here? Might I suggest coming out in January. We have no snow, and, in L.A. and San Diego, we always have a burst of 80* weather to rub in the noses of our East Coast pals.

May I recommend Terranea as a location? L.A.’s ocean front resort? Check out the views …

The West Coast will be looking really good in a couple months. You might want to try it.