I hate e-holiday cards, and delete most. Why? Because they suck and/or are not personalized. Client hate them. Lawyers hate them. But here they come. Really. Nothing says, “Hey, thanks for the million dollars in legal fees this year,” like handing an e-mail address to the IT or marketing department and having them add you to a database. However, there are two cards I always open, and actually look forward to each year. Why? Because not only do the not suck, they are really good, inventive, unique, self-deprecating, and FUNNY. First up, only because I already got it, is from Akin Gump:

Akin Gump Holiday Card

I’m still waiting for my card from Pillsbury. My sources tell me it won’t be their usual humor card this year. (If you haven’t heard, they were on the way to the alter, but the wedding got called off. We know how that goes). So here’s flashback to their “Snowball Terms of Use” card from a few years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAAeMuS59t0 So if you are planning on sending out an e-card, make sure yours is half as good as either one of these.