I just battled stores, rain and disinterested people to drop off my Girl Scout Troop’s contributions to an Adopt-a-Family program. My parking space got snagged. My hair is frizzing from the rain. I broke a nail. And, apparently, I have not consumed enough caffeine.

Time to get back into the spirit with my favorite Christmas

This post has nothing to do with legal marketing, law firms, lawyers, Facebook, social media or anything else that might be considered “professional.” This post has to do with that which is outside our offices. This post has to do with that which is outside ourselves. Tis the season, I am reminded every time a

Game Day – Photo via www.thejetsblog.com

The whole Ines Sainz fiasco, incident, scandal, brouhaha has been taking up too much space in my head this week. It has moved off the sports page and is being debated by the mainstream press and blogs.

The Sports Dude and I “debated” the issue. We talked earlier this week about writing a “He Said/She Said” piece, but it’s more of a “He Said/She Agreed” piece … from different vantage points. His is from the field and the locker room, mine is from the administrative offices.

I get that Ines Sainz is beautiful and hot. How could anyone not. But, she’s completely out of line, and the reaction of the NFL, to force “sensitivity training” on the players is completely wrong.

“I believe this is the most constructive approach,” [NFL commissioner Roger] Goodell said. “There is no debate about the longstanding equal access rule of our media policy. The issue for us, like all organizations, is proper conduct in the workplace, whether it is dealing with the media, co-workers, fans or others. It is our responsibility to provide a professional setting for members of the news media and other business associates that work with our teams and the league. We appreciate Woody Johnson stepping up promptly to properly manage the situation at his team and agreeing to underwrite this new initiative for all clubs.”

I’m going to argue that it is also the responsibility of the WORKERS to bring their professional selves to the workplace, whether your workplace is the football field on Sunday afternoons, or the 47th Floor of the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

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One of the “life lessons” I’m trying to raise my children with is:

Before you say it to reflect:

  • Is it True?
  • Is it Nice??
  • Is it Necessary???

If they cannot answer “yes” to all three questions, then they are to keep their mouths shut. It’s a work in progress.

Unfortunately, many legal professionals —

Of course there’s a Muppet Video for THAT.


Shana Tova. Happy New Year … or, as my Grandmother would say, Happy Pesach (we’ll save that story for another day).

Social media, social networking and texting have changed the way we connect with one another, and have opened up lines of communication in ways none of us could have anticipated only a few years ago. Unfortunately, it’s also changing our attitudes towards spelling and grammar, which I see daily on Facebook. I’ll say it