After PartySpoke on a panel yesterday with Adrian Lurssen and Molly Potter on content marketing. Adrian Dayton was the ring-leader. Lots of good folks in the room. Adrian D. kicked things off with a giant piece of paper on each table asking us to write down what we hoped to get out of the program. From our table Amy Knapp threw out: “I want to learn two new things.” As we were all presenting from our table, our knowledge base was different than the rest of the room, and I wondered if I would actually learn two new things. However, I always say that I define a program as successful if I can walk away with one new ACTIONABLE idea. I came away with three new things:

  1. Google Authorship. Seriously. What rock have I been sleeping under? Kevin O’Keefe wrote about it way back in March here. Time to play catch up.
  2. Clicky: Web Analytics in Real Time. I originally hosted The Legal Watercooler on Blogger and got great analytics, including the name servers visiting my site. When I switch over to WordPress a few years ago, I lost that feature in my analytics. Amy shared about Clicky and before I left the room yesterday I had added it to my blog. So watch out. I can see you again.
  3. Adrian L. simplified a concept into one sentence that resonated with me, and something I am sharing with the lawyers at my firm who blog: Blog titles should tell the reader WHY they should open up and read the post, not WHAT they are going to read. It’s not that I didn’t know this. I just needed to hear it this way.

So, all in all, very successful program.