Well, if Jayne Navarre asks a question, you know I’ll want to answer it.

In her blog post today, Facebook | Does the goldrush mentality on Wall Street have implications for law firm marketing?, Jayne wants to hear from us:

I want to hear from lawyers, law firms and marketers who are taking Facebook seriously. How are you leveraging the demographic data available from FB?  Would you share with us how it is going? And, what about content creation? I’ve heard a few very large firms have added staff. What are your plans for 2011? Do you have any secret plan of attack – not asking you to share what that is, just curious to know if we’re getting closer to a truly strategic mentality about Facebook in the legal marketing profession.

Go and read Jayne’s blog post and come back. I’ll wait.


To quote Facebook: It’s complicated.

While I am good and ready to go on Facebook for my firm, I think there are still people who are weary of how to implement it for law firm marketing. I plan to tread lightly into it now that there are several firms out there successfully using it.

With more and more partners and attorneys in our firm having personal Facebook profiles, I think the resistance is not as strong as it was a year ago, and the adoption of it will be easier.

It also doesn’t hurt that many of our top clients now have Facebook pages.

I think Facebook is an incredible platform to share what you are doing at work without promoting what you do. It exposes your personal circle of friends to your professional life, and vice versa. I’m all about uncovering commonalities, and I have found Facebook does that better than any other social media platform.

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