No trash in my office trash can.

I’m serious. I got a memo from the office of the building and everything. Office trash cans are for recycles only. Trash (including paper plates, cups, napkins, orange rinds, gum, etc.) needs to be taken to the communal trash cans in the kitchen. And, it’s not just an office thing … it’s a BUILDING thing. Double “and,” it’s not just an LA thing, because they’re doing it in San Francisco, too (but they have compost bins as well, to just complicate things further) … and I heard from someone on Twitter that they’re doing it in Chicago (so it’s not a nutty California thing either).

UPDATE: Found out it’s a union thing. Guess the unions don’t think their janitors should have to empty TWO trash bins in every office. COME ON!!!! What next??? Alternating cleaning the men’s and women’s restrooms because there are two on every floor???

Twitter DM autoreply – Ugh. You follow me on Twitter. I follow you back a few days (weeks) later, and I get a STUPID messages like:

Thanks for the follow! I hope we can get to know one another better!

Huh?? Why would I want to get to know your auto-reply better??

Hello. Thanks for the follow! We look forward to learning more about you. Please feel free to visit our Fan page at …

Ummm, I thought you already knew something about me, which is why you decided to follow ME in the first place. And, no, I’m not going to be a Fan. I’m questioning why I’m following you.

Signature lines in e-mails that show up as an attachment.

Come on … I sometimes search for “important” e-mails and “fell through the cracks” items by sorting on attachments, or I’m searching your e-mail for an attachment only to find that it’s just a stupid graphic signature line. Ugh. So, frustrating.

“Gurus” who don’t know the terminology.

Really, now. If you’re Tweeting call it a Tweet. And, no, it’s not “face book” or “You Tube.” It is, however, a website, one word.

Auto posts that are old … as in over a YEAR old.

Why do this?? Can’t you think of something new to say? And, no, the post wasn’t so brilliant that I needed to read it again.

Yes, I know, sometimes you don’t feel inspired, or have the time to blog. Happens to me, too. Check out how many posts I wrote in July. Not that many. However, I would think that most of my readers, followers, subscribers and fans were okay with me saying nothing, rather than just throwing something out there so that they wouldn’t forget me.

But when I follow your link, and see the blog post date, and it’s 6-, 9-, 12-months old, I feel so disappointed, cheated, jipped. It’s a switch and bait. You lose your credibility with me when you do this.

You can fix this by just having a “flashback” post, or a “best of” in the header. Just be transparent about it.

People who Tweet and Blog, but obviously aren’t tracking and following the conversation.

Don’t throw out a conversation topic and not be willing to reply or comment to those who are engaged.

Which leads me to … Using a hashtag on Twitter without searching on it first.

True. No one “owns” a hashtag, but if you’re not talking about basketball, then don’t throw a #NBA into your post. And just because YOU decided that #LMA means “last minute appointments,” doesn’t meant that the hashtag USERS agree with you.

Publicly calling out my typo when a DM or an e-mail message would do.

Enough said on that one.

Emailing my attorneys to learn more about your services, when you KNOW me.

What’s up with THAT?? Bad enough when strangers do it, but, come on … you KNOW me.

People with locked down profiles.

The main thing to know about this whole “social” networking and “social” media is it’s about being social. You wouldn’t go to a cocktail party and refuse to introduce yourself without clearing the other person first, would you? Unlock your profile and tell me a little bit about why I might want to get to know you.

Entities and businesses that try to “friend” me.

You’re a BUILDING, a SCHOOL, a DESTINATION. Start a page and let me “like” or “fan” you. I don’t know who is behind the profile, and once I friend you, you have full access to my profile and pictures of my kids. I won’t do it, and I counsel and warn others against it as well.

Having a surgical procedure at 6:00 PM, which means I can’t have any food or liquid after 7:00 AM.

So, if you’re wondering why I’m a bit cranky on this post today … it’s because I’m HUNGRY and THIRSTY. (But I’m fine, and it’s nothing major … so, please, don’t worry)