I wrote here about where I find time to participate in social media and social networking.

By taking a Sharpie to my calendar, and deleting most of the programs taping on my DVR, I found the time to launch a blog, speak at some conferences, and participate on Facebook and Twitter to develop my personal brand. I also found time to go to the gym, read some books, and enjoy time with my family.

One thing I noticed this week is that without all the garbage clogging my DVR, I actually have some time to watch movies.


First thing I did was subscribe to Netflix so I can stream movies through my Wii (how cool is that??) and on my laptop when travling.

But I need to find a little more time, and Jeffrey Gitomer gave it to me this week: It’s time to get rid of other people’s drama.

The checkout aisle of the grocery store was full of magazines. People, InTouch, US Weekly, Soap, and other assorted, or should I say “sordid” publications that can be summed up in three words, other people’s drama.

They all had similar themes: who got divorced, separated, engaged, married, or jilted. What celebrity is loving the other, beating the other, making love with the other, or killing the other. I looked at all the covers, smiled, and went about my business. But it got me thinking: What else is in the category of “other people’s drama” and what is the net effect – to you?

There are an endless number of “celebrity news” programs and crime shows on TV. Drivel about who did what to who. Watch them? Why? As if this wasn’t enough, there are soap operas, where the drama never ends – for 20 years. Watch them? Why? To see how someone else’s life turns out? Why not focus on YOUR life?

Wait … what??? Skip TMZ and Perez?? But what about Sandy and the baby?? Are Angie and Brad PG again??? I don’t watch Jersey Shore, The Hills or any other MTV/VH1 programs … so why am I wasting my time glancing at what Snookie or Heidi are up to???

Come on. Other people’s drama is just filler that’s keeping me from doing what I need to do, or better yet, what I WANT to do. It’s garbage in my mind, and doesn’t add anything to the intellectual debate.

Other people’s drama is a complete and utter waste of your time, energy, and attitude. It does NOTHING to build your character, intelligence, knowledge, reputation, career, success, or wealth. Yikes!

Here are a few painful questions:
Do you spend more time on other people’s drama or your career?
Other people’s drama or your children?
Other people’s drama or building your personal brand?
Other people’s drama or your success?
Other people’s drama or your marriage? (ouch!)

So, here comes the delete button. I am deleting the garbage bookmarks from my computers. Deleting the history that allows me to quickly hop onto one of these websites. I’m sure I’ll go into withdrawals, but I can hang tough … come on, don’t we all NEED to know what Bombshell McGee thinks of Sandy’s new baby??