From time-to-time I pull together a reading list of business books and share with my peers. Here’s the last list from May 2008. Since so much has changed in the business world, from the recession to the advent of social media, it’s time to update the list. So, what are your 5 favorite business books?? They can be recent publications (Outliers, Socialnomics) or classics (Good to Great, Selling the Invisible). They can be autobiographies, sales books, productivity, marketing, PR, etc. I’ll pull the lists together, and will post the Top 20 over at the Legal Watercooler. To get you started, here are mine: 1. Trust Agents – Brogan 2. Selling the Invisible – Beckwith 3. Getting Things Done – Allen 4. Outliers – Gladwell 5. Talking 9 to 5 – Tannen

Post your selections in the comments section, or email me directly at Oh, and don’t worry about listing a book someone else has recommended … that’s how the Top 20 list is determined!