A fellow legal marketer recently brought up Avvo in my Legal Marketers Extraordinaire Group on Facebook (message me on the Legal Watercooler’s Facebook page if you would like to join).

She was wondering about the value.

Avvo has always had its distractors, but I’ve always taken a “meh” position. Why? Because I’m in corporate law.

Going through my e-mails this morning and guess what?? I’ve been selected to join the newest and greatest online legal directory, ever.

Seriously, people. Stop with the new legal directories. I don’t care if it’s online. Made for the global world today. Will bring me all the clients my firm will ever need. Or that

Directory post….warning….It’s been on my mind, and Heather’s twisted post on a Zagat Guide to Lawyers opened the door, at least enough for me to step in and post this lurking question. The door may knock me in the butt on my way out, but well, here goes… Another legal directory has launched – BuscAbogados.com