Going through my e-mails this morning and guess what?? I’ve been selected to join the newest and greatest online legal directory, ever.

Seriously, people. Stop with the new legal directories. I don’t care if it’s online. Made for the global world today. Will bring me all the clients my firm will ever need. Or that it is free.


What latent needs is your new directory going to satisfy that any of the dozens currently on the market are not?

Please, I beg of you. Why do we need a new legal directory? The lawyers are not, for the most part, using the ones that are out there. Why? Because that’s not how people purchase legal services, and the attorneys see no inherent benefit to them to spend the time and effort to join, yet another, online legal directory.

For the most part, we are still in a referral model. Or we’re Googling by issue or business problem. Which is why it is important to have a footprint on the Internet. But being listed in a “new” legal directory will not do much.

A sophisticated purchaser of legal services “might” got to Martindale.com, but not many these days (check your Web site stats).  Some might do a Google search. But, for the most part, they will pick up the phone and place a call, or tap out an e-mail, to their colleagues, or current counsel, and get a referral.

Then they will do their due diligence, which is what having an Internet footprint is all about.

Rant over.

Going back to do real work that actually has the probability of bringing in new business.