For those who do not know me, or do not know me well, I must warn you, I process externally. If you happen to sit outside my door, or down the hall, you have been warned and know what to expect when I have “that” look in my eye.

One of the reasons I started

Recently I participated in a twebinar on the subject of “Listening” where “Two ears and one mouth,” a shortened Epictetus quote was recycled throughout the sound bites and tweets. The entire quote is ““We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” It got me

If you haven’t heard, a 5.4 earthquake struck Southern California today just before noon. If you were in the area, you probably tried to call out on your cell or landline and I’m guessing you also experienced congestion. In a disaster, immediate communication with loved ones is a top priority. Today’s quake rendered two-way speech