I read with interest a couple pieces today here and here on the value of law school, and the ethics of continuing to open new law schools, admit new students, promote salaries that are unrealistic in today’s economy, and saddle students with $100,000 or more in debt on graduation day … all with impunity.


If you haven’t heard about ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels project, don’t worry. It doesn’t kick-off until September 14th.

In these times of great economic chaos lies great opportunity.

The legal profession is not just struggling through a recession, but also undergoing a structural break with the past. There is a growing consensus that the profession

I relate to in-house counsel. Not because I’m a lawyer, but because we are both cost-centers to our respective organizations. We are both beholden to the shareholders and partners of our companies and firms. We are trusted servants of a budget with no apparent revenue stream. We both provide necessary services. Yet, in a down