If you haven’t heard about ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels project, don’t worry. It doesn’t kick-off until September 14th.

In these times of great economic chaos lies great opportunity.

The legal profession is not just struggling through a recession, but also undergoing a structural break with the past. There is a growing consensus that the profession that emerges from the recession will be different in fundamental ways from the one that entered it.

Dozens of lawyers nationwide aren’t waiting for change. Day by day, they’re remaking their corners of the profession. These mavericks are finding new ways to practice law, represent their clients, adjudicate cases and train the next generation of lawyers. Most are leveraging the power of the Internet to help them work better, faster and different.

The Legal Rebels project will profile these innovators and describe the changes they are making. It will tell their stories in the ABA Journal, on this website and through a variety of social media channels using text, pictures, audio and video

The first seven profiles were released today.

And I am glad to say that they are not the “usual suspects” or lawyers, for that matter. For a true “legal rebel” can even be found in a humble legal marketing director, a legal librarian, a consultant with gumption … all of whom can be nominated here.