Working Mother Magazine recently released their Top 50 Best Law Firms for Women. Having worked at two of these firms I’d like to suggest to the editors of Working Mother, and all the blogs that reran the story, that they change it to Top 50 Best Law Firms for Women LAWYERS.

From my personal experience, there is a disconnect between the benefits for the lawyers and those for the staff (and managers who usually fall somewhere in between). While the benefits provided for the Top 50 are generous for the women lawyers, I wonder about those provided to the assistants (who are primarily women), paralegals (once again, majority are women), receptionists (women), accounting, marketing and the administrative staff (women, women, women).

I am glad that the firms in this country are being pressured by Working Mother and Yale Law Women to increase their benefits for the lawyers, but before they bestow a “best place” honor on a firm, why not take a deeper look and see if that benevolence trickles down to the rest of the cogs that make that firm run?