I read with interest a couple pieces today here and here on the value of law school, and the ethics of continuing to open new law schools, admit new students, promote salaries that are unrealistic in today’s economy, and saddle students with $100,000 or more in debt on graduation day … all with impunity.

I’ve been asked by several people, including fans of The Legal Watercooler, my opinions on entering law school at this time.

My answer: are you a gambling man, or woman? Are you willing to roll the dice and hope that a high-paying job is waiting for you in three years?

Thousands of young adults made that decision three years ago, only to see their dream jobs deferred and deferred again. The golden ticket, a summer associate position, no longer guarantees entry into the white-shoed world of BigLaw.

I’m not saying don’t go to law school. I’m just saying that before you enter the hallowed halls of law school, think long and hard. Why are you entering law school? What type of law do you want to practice? Are you entrepreneurial enough to open your own firm if need be? Do you have the personality, or are you savvy enough, to become a rainmaker? And, most importantly, are you willing to gamble $100,000 (or more) and three years of your life away??