I would hope that before you decide to take on an average of $88,000 – $127,000 in debt you would do your due diligence. You are, after all, about to enroll yourself or your child in law school. According to Steven J. Harper, in a recent New York Times Op Ed, Too Many Law Students, Too Few Legal Jobs:

Students now amass law school loans averaging $127,000 for private schools and $88,000 for public ones. Since 2006 alone, law student debt has surged at inflation-adjusted rates of 25 percent for private schools and 34 percent for public schools.

There are so many dirty little secrets that need to be exposed before anyone can make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to gamble with law school. And, yes, I am very deliberate to use the word gamble. And informed. 
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The truth. Can you handle the truth??

We so often times block out the truth, willing to live in our own personal states of denial.

Unfortunately, for many law students, denial usually ends in a rude awakening, and a whole heck of a debt and no means (or a job) to pay it off.


I’ve written a few times about how I feel law schools are letting students down. I make my living working with lawyers, and I enjoy working within the profession. However, there are thousands of kids hoping to ride out the recession by going to law school not fully realizing the consequences of taking on an

I read with interest a couple pieces today here and here on the value of law school, and the ethics of continuing to open new law schools, admit new students, promote salaries that are unrealistic in today’s economy, and saddle students with $100,000 or more in debt on graduation day … all with impunity.