ReflectionsFor those of you wondering, “Who is Aric Press?”, he is the outgoing editor in chief for American Lawyer, and love it or hate it, through the AmLaw 100, and now 200, reports Aric placed a spotlight onto the business of law.

Aric announced his retirement from the American Lawyer late last year. Those

I am late to the game blogging on The New Republic article, The Last Days of Big Law.  To quote my friend Diane Hamlin:

Let’s not be like the lawyers. Let’s not attack the example.

I would caution us here to not dismiss the premise of the article, there is big change in the legal industry, by attacking the example.

Is Noam Scheiber‘s article perfect? No.

Does he make some great points that we should be discussing? Absolutely.

But why are we wasting time arguing over whether the glass is half-full or half-empty when there is a hole in the cup?

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I left Big (trying to be Mega-) law several years ago for a much smaller (75 attorneys) boutique. I’ve never been happier.

Personally, I find the Big Law model to be broken. Year after year, I would see rates go up, and partners hit a wall with what their clients would pay. Good partners, with