Well, today’s the big day. Facebook is rolling out Timeline and I’m still waiting for mine to kick in. Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg’s is already active: Since your Timeline has to be active to see other people’s Timelines, I have to go by what I’m hearing and reading, and I’m not hearing any complaints. In fact, I really enjoyed this opinion piece, Why I Love Facebook Timeline, from Mashable:

It was only when I had activated the Timeline on my own Facebook account that I realized its full impact, as it loaded and displayed my personal photos, Facebook comments, posts and life events into its long-scrolling tableau. Only then did I realize why Zuckerberg seemed to become slightly choked up on stage when he was describing Timeline’s features as he showed off his own personal data.

And whether or not you are disturbed by Timeline, you’re not going to quit Facebook. Why? Because that is the sandbox in which all the kids are playing. That’s where your friends are, and that’s where 90% of social media time is spent. My advice to you during this transition:

Take a deep breath. I know change is hard, but, I promise, you will get used to it. No online petition is going to have them change it back. And NO they will not be charging for the new Facebook.