Okay. I did it. I accepted Steven Swimmer‘s invitation and have now set up my Google+ account and I’m good to go. I updated my profile, set up some circles, I’m adding people here and there. Right now we all seem to be in the “Hmmm” stage. So far I realized, 1) you have to turn off the e-mail notifications ASAP; and, 2) I have more questions right now than answers. So who out there is checking out Google+?

  • What are your thoughts??
  • How is it different, better, the same than FB, LI or Twitter?
  • Do we REALLY need another social media platform??
  • Or is Google+ a good alternative to one of the others???

Right now a lot of you are already Following, Connecting, Friending and Liking me. Do you need to Circle me too? But, then again, I was just talking to a partner who doesn’t do Facebook. It’s way too outside this person’s comfort zone. I’m thinking Google+ might be a good alternative. Not as impersonal and overwhelming as Twitter, yet not as personal as Facebook. I don’t have the answers to WHAT Google+ is and will be, but you can find and CIRCLE me here: http://gplus.to/heathermorse (if you’ve received an invite to join. I only have 6 more to extend). Oh, and thanks to Nancy Myrland for the tip on where to create my Google+ custom profile URL.