To blog or not to blog … oh, we’ll be blogging and Tweeting from the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual conference, kicking off on Monday in Orlando. Here’s a list of those who will be blogging. If you’re not on the list, but blogging, let me know and I will update:

  1. Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing
  2. Tom Matte, The Matte Pad
  3. Lindsay Griffiths, Zen & The Art of Legal Networking
  4. Laura Gutierrez, Duets Blog
  5. Heather Morse, The Legal Watercooler
  6. Jonathan Fitzgarrald, Bad for the Brand
  7. Larry Bodine, LawMarketing Blog
  8. Adrian Dayton, 12 Virtues Blog, Legal Marketing: Social Media Edition
  9. Ross Fishman, Ross’s Law Marketing Blog and Law Firm Speakers
  10. Cheryl Bame, Legal PR Advice
  11. Russell Lawson, Progressive Marketing Blog
  12. Robert Algeri, Great Jakes Blog
  13. Gina Furia Rubel, The PR Lawyer
  14. Hubbard One, The Hubbard Perspective
  15. Amy Knapp, Not Knapping
  16. Sonny Cohen, Duo Consulting
  17. Kevin O’Keefe, Real Lawyers Have Blogs

Click here for a roundup of all things social networking at LMA. If you plan to Tweet from the conference, please let Lindsay Griffiths and Laura Gutierrez know so they can update their lists.