I’ve had a busy week. My firm is sponsoring a conference in Chicago on Tuesday. We’re doing an intimate, private client seminar, followed by the Bulls game on Monday night. I’ve had to take care of A LOT of details, big and small.

What I have come to realize this week is that we’re all in this together as a firm. We all have a common goal: A successful week in Chicago.

While I have the opportunity to coordinate and make things look pretty, I don’t have the ability to do other things. We all have a role. I have called on the resources of many different departments and teams to get the job done.

I’m looking forward to a successful (and busy) few days in Chicago. I feel confident that I have done my job to the best of my ability. I feel confident that we will be successful.


I am, however, beating myself up over things I have no control over. And that’s my problem. I want 100% control over EVERYTHING so that the success or failure rests solely on my shoulders. I am weary of handing things over to others to do … what if they don’t do their part?? How will that make ME look??

After every event, I ask myself: What went right? What went wrong?? What would I do differently next time???

My event hasn’t even taken place, yet I am so focused on “what went wrong,” and not “what went right.”

That’s my ego talking, and no one will be served well by that. My role up until now has been to manage, coordinate, drive, push, cajole, package, distribute. I’ll move my way to cheerleader, therapist, go-to person for whatever needs to get done on the day of the event. I’ll then become the measurer of the event’s success.

The success of the next few days will be driven by many factors. The main one being: new client relationships. There’s also raising us to “top of mind” with our current clients. We will then plan how we can drive these new/enhanced relationships into successful business development opportunities. Well, we got our first new matter last week, and I’m counting that in my win column.

Okay, it’s time to stop bitching and check my ego at the door. I’ve got last minute details to attend to, and I’m really not sure what the “real” time it is where I’m at (lol), or where the closest Starbucks is located.

(And, yes, I did link a High School Musical video. Try and get THAT song out of your head!)