Seth Godin in his blog post today questions why, if George Costanza of Seinfeld fame has a Wikipedia page, shouldn’t your brand receive entries? My first reaction: sounds like a good idea to me. After all, I’m a legal marketer, not a lawyer.

I know that several law firms already have Wiki pages, including Latham, Skadden and Pillsbury. Several more have set up LinkedIn pages, including Skadden, Weil Gotshal and Dewey Ballantine. And while I am always eager to jump out in front of a new trend, lawyers are by nature cautious, weary of change, and definitely don’t want to go first.

As we coax our law firms and lawyer into the new frontier of Web 2.0 I sometimes wonder if “not right now” is the best answer as WE discuss: Should I promote the firm on Wikipedia? Does the firm need a LinkedIn profile? Do we need to open a branch in Second Life?

I’m not advocating a return to the era and comfort of ecru stationary, nor do I advocate waiting to see what O’Melveny does prior to making a decision (ask me about the light up pen story another time).

I have found, after spending 10 years as a legal marketer, I need to edit my enthusiasm for anything new around my partners. While they are willing to take a leap of faith with me, they would just rather wait until a few other firms have taken that one giant step first.