File this one under the “no duh” column. Lawyers are introverts.

Lawyers ranked sixth overall on a list of the 200 best jobs for introverts, just behind the loner braniacs who work as computer software engineers and accountants.
Larry Richard, a consultant for Hildebrandt International, isn’t surprised by Shutkin’s findings. Richard specializes in law firms and lawyer personalities. Using the Caliper Profile personality test, he has found that lawyers rank astonishingly low in the sociability trait.
“Lawyers are thinkers,” Richard says. “[Consider] what a lawyer does–thinking, analyzing documents, editing and writing.” According to Richard’s research, low sociability scorers are less inclined to enjoy interaction with others” and “may prefer to spend more time with information.”

Question for the watercooler: how do you overcome/compensate for the introverted nature of lawyers in your day-to-day interactions?