I’ve written a few times about how I feel law schools are letting students down. I make my living working with lawyers, and I enjoy working within the profession. However, there are thousands of kids hoping to ride out the recession by going to law school not fully realizing the consequences of taking on an

If you are a lawyer in the favorable position of moving laterally, this one’s for you. I’m sure the COOLER think tank can add some more. Go for it!

Thinking outside the box…. for lawyers who are anticipating a move, or are being forced into a move, it might help you to have some of

You bet’cha! Think about the top rainmaker in your law firm (- this might be you). Where does he or she get their work? My bet is that close to 100% of the time the work comes in because someone tells someone else that that lawyer (or their law firm) is successful at getting similar

Dell #1 in Laptops. Splashy headline in the ad on the front page of today’s WSJ. “Dell Laptops named the preferred choice for U.S. businesses,” the ad continues. Says who? The ad doesn’t say. I assume they have some inventory statistic to support that claim. My experience with #1 Dell Laptops was enough to