Time is certainly flying over at the new firm. Busy meeting people. Busy getting things done. Busy looking for a new legal marketing manager (e-mail/pm me for the job description).

If you are interested in the position, or are reading this because you are trying to learn more about me for our interview, let me share with you some advice.

One of my philosophies that I have borrowed along my legal marketing career is that what we do is all about getting to know, like and trust one another. Without these three things, true relationships cannot be formed, built, nor sustained.


If you are interviewing with me, know that I have already Googled you. If you do not know what your Google results look like, you better figure it out fast and ask yourself: “Is this how I want to be known?”

What does your open Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts say about you? Will I learn what I need to know about you, or, worse yet, will what I learn about you lead me to pass on even calling you in for an interview?

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Today’s AmLaw Daily carried a great post today, THE CHURN: CMO Edition.

The article points out the fanfare that welcomed two recent AmLaw 100 CMOs, both of whom came from outside the legal industry, and their departures four and eight months later, noting that “a law firm’s culture and structure can require more adjustment

We often think of first impressions beginning with a handshake and continuing through the end of the first meeting. But first impressions begin well before then. Two Seconds, according to some studies. You have two seconds or less to make an impression. So, what type of impression do you make? Is that the impression

My buddy Tank sent me a link to the following American Lawyer article on Cravath’s new Director for Stategic Planning. I don’t know the gentleman personally, but a resume that includes 11 years with Hildebrandt can’t be beat. Unfortunately for him, the presiding partner has a different take:

“This is just a support job to