I am intrigued by “tweeting.” You can do it, too, on Twitter.

Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people using the web, your phone, or IM. In Twitter, you can be a Follower of others, for whom you would receive updates, and you can be Followed, where others sign on to receive your updates. Messages are short (140 characters) and can be sent to Followers by these various distribution methods. Plus, you can update through Twitter from your phone, email or online at Twitter.com.

Twitter is another brainchild of Evan Williams. You’re reading this on one of his earlier platforms: Blogspot.

I’m imagining a law firm’s use of Twitter for marketing. My first thought is of the lawyer, who tweets her activities to a group of lawyer followers (practice/indutry group) or marketing/biz dev staff, instantly informing them when she’s entering court, visiting a client, taking a contact to dinner, meeting a new prospect. On the service side, I can think of another lawyer, whose client followers get a message as he files a brief, meets the opposing counsel, deposes a witness, hears a ruling.

I’m sure there are more creative uses that can be dreamed up. There’s a video that explains Twitter on commoncraft.com. If you’re interested, I found Paul Colligan‘s free Webinar (password=Webinars) extremely helpful.

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